19th Century Washington Coastal Woven Bag

$ 1,200.00

This is a rare trapezoid shaped woven basketry storage bag which were woven along the Oregon and Washington Coast from the area around the mouth of the Columbia River to as far north as the Quinault.   It is woven from a very stiff material on the two faces with a cattail braided edge on the sides to bind the two faces together. It has three vertical outlined panels on one side with somewhat irregular crisscrossed greenish wool embroidered lines within these panels and four vertical groups of alternating thin single strand wool sideways "V's" on the other side.  The side with the three panels originally had black wool woven vertical bands outlining the panels and red narrow single strand wool lines crisscrossing the area within the panels and intersecting the greenish wool line.  Unfortunately, moths have eaten both the black and red wool leaving occasional small remains of these.  Other than the loss of the red and black wool, the bag is in unusually fine condition.

I believe that this bag was collected from the Quinault as it was part of a very small collection of late 19th C baskets, primarily Quinault spruce root baskets. Myrol Eells in his notebooks mentions that the Quinault made large storage bags which were used for storing cloth and other similar items In 40 years I have had one other one in excellent condition collected at the mouth of the Columbia River around 1900, a second one with serious condition problems and this very fine example which was part of a small collection of late 19th C baskets, primarily from the Quinault. If you are a collector of Washington coastal basketry and culture, you should seriously look at this basket.  It is a great example of these large coastal bags and is in great condition, other than the wool loss in the design.

L. 19" : W. 23 ½"

c. Late 19th C

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