Fully Imbricated Klickitat Berry Basket by Nettie Kuneki Jackson

A classic fully imbricated Klickitat huckleberry basket with a polychrome design of of three large"V's" bordered top and bottom by a narrow horizontal band.  The basket was made by Nettie Kuneki Jackson (1944-2013), who was famous for the quality of her baksets among the Plateau Indians and among collectors. She came from a long family tradition of creating exceptional Klickitat baskets. This basket was well used as evidenced by the dark staining of huckleberries on the inside of the basket.  It has two leather loops attached to the basket by the Indian family who had owned it.  These were used to secure the tumpline which they used to carry the basket while picking huckleberries.  

D.7 ½" H. 7 ⅞"

c.  1960
Sold #7649

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