San Ildefonso Vase by Anna Montoya Martinez

A classic painted black pottery vase  with a feather design by Anna Martinez whose full name is Maximiliana Montoya Martinez (1885-1955)  Anna was the older sister of Maria Martinez, the most famous of the San Ildefonso potters of the 20th C. This piece is signed  "anna" although part of the signature is worn away. It has some abrasions to the rim and middle but there are no brakes, chips or deep scratches. There is an indent in the clay near the bottom and a fire cloud as well on the underside. It is very fairly priced and would be a pleasing example of her work for any collector who has an interest in the historic work of San Ildefonso.

D. 6 ⅜" H. 5"

c.  1930
Sold #7645

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