Unusual Klamath Miniature Gambling Tray with Dyed Quill

$ 325.00

What is unusual about this basket is the innovative weaver introduced gold and green dyed tule into this basket in addition to the natural and dark brown tule commonly used on Klamath baskets as well as green dyed quills. If you look at the center of the basket, she has woven a band of golden colored tule around the oval start which itself is a mixture of green and natural tule. Around the golden tule section is a band of mixed dark brown and green tule followed by a band of natural colored tule and around this band is band in three strand twining in gold and green creating a raised barber pole effect. The green dye on the quills was not successful so it is only really faintly visible on the back side. A number of the quills on the front have suffered from insects but the overall effect of the quills is still quite good.

D. 9 1/4"



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