Large Fully Imbricated 19th Century Cowlitz Berry Basket

This is a really old and used Cowlitz basket with a lot of character. It is dark and richly colored with a design of five large "V's" extending from the base to about 1 ½" from the rim. It has horizontal bands of light red in the V designs. The base has an imbricated design on it, an element more commonly seen on Puget Sound basketry. In a few areas of imbrication in the upper part of the basket, the maker used some material other than beargrass for the imbrication and this material has not darkened to the rich golden color of the beargrass. The basket reads well but there is wear to some of the imbrication. This is not a basket for a collector who wants a bright clean basket. This is an old and used basket and will appeal to those who appreciate the beauty of use and age in a basket.

H. 13 ½"; D. 12"

c.4th Quarter 19th C.
Sold #8700

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