Sioux Quilled Baby Cradle

This is a very old quilled Sioux cradle with unusually narrow quilled bands which are 1/8" wide.  It is quilled on buffalo hide.  The quilling is done on cotton thread rather than sinew which may have allowed her to make such narrow, even bands.  The quillwork has suffered insect damage in some places and just a narrow, uneven band of red stroud hangs along the edge but this piece has character and reads as an old and real piece.

The piece was collected by Lt Gordon Voorhies, 1891 graduate of West Point, between 1891 and August 1892 and was passed down through his family.  Following graduation from West Point, he was assigned to the 25th Infantry at Ft Buford in North Dakota.  On April 19, 1892, he was appointed to command the detachment of Indian Scouts at the fort.  In August, 1892 he was transferred to the 4th Cavalry at Ft Walla Walla.  He resigned from the army in 1897 and rejoined in 1898, serving as Assistant Adjutant General of US Volunteers during the Spanish-American War.  He resigned in 1899 and rejoined in 1917 and served in France and Belgium and received the Belgium Croix de Guerre for his service in the Lys-Scheldt offensive and retired in 1919 as a Lt Colonel.

Stand Sold Separately 

L. 10 ¼" : W. 5 ½" : H. 12"

Sold #7948

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