Quileute Style Twined Basket by Signe Johns

$ 95.00

This is a beautifully made basket by Signe Johns who lived on the Quinault Reservation for two years from 1973 to 1975 and became a good friend with Beatrice "Grandma" Black, the esteemed Quileute basket weaver and teacher. She spent a lot of time with "Grandma" Black  who taught her how to make baskets and how to collect and prepare the material for baskets. Signe Johns' name then was Signe Pribnow. She wrote the article on Beatrice Black for the magazine "American Indian Basketry". Her article is in Volume 1, Number 3 beginning at page 20. As is evident, Beatrice Black was a good teacher and SIgne Johns was a talented student. This charming basket has an interesting history and is a good piece to own.

H. 4"; D. 5 ½" 


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