Large Christina Naranjo (1891-1980) Redware Pot with Avanyu

This is an important and early incised Santa Clara jar by Christina Naranjo, the older sister of Margaret Tafoya.  It was purchased in the 1930's and has remained in the same family since then. This piece commands the space it is in and has real presence and volume.

The undulating figure of the Avanyu and the curled designs above its body, which are reflected in the curled edges of its legs show the influence of the Art Deco period on Naranjo's design. The jar is in very good condition, particularly considering its age.  There are some small abrasions on the Avanyu's neck and one on its tail, as well as a tiny chip on the upper body below one of the curls, all of which are visible in the photographs.

Christina Naranjo (1892-1980) is a member of the Tafoya Family, daughter of Sara Fina (Serafina) & Geronimo Tafoya. She is a well-respected potter from the Santa Clara Pueblo and specializes in traditional, large and deeply carved blackware and redware pottery. This piece is a prime example of her work. Her siblings, Margaret Tafoya (mentioned above) and Camilio Tafoya were remarkable potters in their own right.

Christina married Victor Naranjo and had six children, two sons and four daughters. She passed on the traditions of Santa Clara pottery and became the matriarch of a family of renowned potters including all four of her daughters, Mary Cain, Teresita Naranjo, Louise Ecklebeny and Mida Tafoya.

Even her grandchildren and great grandchildren carry on the tradition of making pottery in the old ways. Her grandchildren, Tina Diaz, Linda Cain, Billy Cain, and Doug Cain; and great grandchildren Tammy Garcia and Autumn Borts-Medlock are all outstanding potters.

Christina's pottery can be found in museums nationwide and in books such as 14 Families in Pueblo Pottery by Rick Dillingham (1994 - University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque).


D. 11"; H. 7"

Sold #7586

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