Great Lakes Beaded Pouch

This is a beautiful piece of Native American beadwork.  The design and choice of colors is outstanding.  It is one of those pieces which really gives you pleasure every time you look at it.  It is beaded on one side with a beaded flap extending about a fourth of the way down.  It is beaded on cotton cloth and lined with a faded gingham on the inside of the pouch and the back side of the flap.  The back is old used native tanned leather with a triangular shaped patch of buffalo at the top and a large old tear on the right side which has been repaired with sinew.  The bag and flap are edged with worn and faded maroon velvet.  There is a leather loop on the flap which was put on later as well as a later addition of a thread wrapped loop at the back.

L. 7 ¾" : W. 8"

c.  Late 19th C.
Sold #7497

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