Pre-historic Eskimo Ivory Drag Handle

 This is a pre-historic fossilized ivory drag handle in the form of a bird. The body of the bird has extensive incised designs, many of which are worn from the piece being used to drag the Eskimo's prey back. The head had inlaid eyes, one of which is still there and a second smaller inlay behind the eyes, one of which remains. There is a design band across the back connecting each side of the attachment slot and another different band across the bottom. The upper band has several "whale tail" "Y's" spaced along it. There is a thin diagonal double lines with barbs running toward the head from each side of the slot and another double band running down the middle toward the head. There are three design lines on the back of the bird, two with barbs on one side running from the tail toward the center and  one down the center with lines and at least one set of "whale tails". There are also three lines with barbs on the underside, one running toward the head from the encircling band and two running diagonally toward the middle of the encircling band from the tail. This is a very interesting old figural artifact

L. 3 ⅛"

c.  Pre-Contact
Sold #8079

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