Folk Art Man In A Barrel by Howard Ortman

A variation on the folk art man wearing a barrel. This fellow is wearing his barrel and does not take it off. He looks a little confused and maybe slightly embarrassed. He is carved from different woods and stands on a round parquet “floor”, arms to his side and looking at you through his glass eyes. He is a delight. It is signed on the bottom “Howard Ortman 1965”.  If you like folk art, you will really like this fellow.

Howard Ortman (B. 1894, Pennsylvania) began his career as a jeweler, working at both Granat Bros. and Shreves. In his early 70s, after his wife's passing be began to carve. In his 7 year career as a carver, he carved over 100 finely crafted pieces out of mixed woods, which is quite remarkable as he had lost most sight in one of his eyes.  

H. 4 3/4"
Sold #8399

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