Early Plateau Cornhusk Bag, C. 1890-1900

If you like and appreciate early Plateau bags, this is a cornhusk bag for you. It is exceptionally woven with fine even rows and strong designs. It has two large eight pointed stars on one side and four horizontal designs on the other side with strong red stripes. Many, but not all of the colors have faded red, purple and black yarns have held their brightness. The eight-pointed stars, particularly on a bag of this period would strongly suggest that it was woven by a very skilled Nez Perce woman. It has a worn leather edging across the top and the bag has that feel that collectors of older used bags know. There is some slight moth grazing on one side and a tiny wear area on the bottom. Cornhusk bags of this size were carried by the women for special dress occasions in the same manner as the beaded contour flat bags of the period

L.11 ¾” : W.  9 ½”

Sold #8088

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