Hopi Canteen possibly by Nampeyo

 I don't usually put items this worn and damaged on the site but this one is intriguing because of the inscription written on the back indicating that it may be by Nampeyo.  Writen on the back below the spout is the following information:  "June 20 1930", and below is "made by Indian Mampaya 108yr old Walliby Ariz". Although the spelling for Walpi and Nampeyo are wrong as well as Nampeyo's age, it seems likely that the person who wrote the inscription meant Nampeyo.  The quality of the painting, on the other hand, is well done and the design is complicated which would suggest the likelihood that this is a Nampeyo piece.  Although a gamble, this is fairly priced and good opportunity to own a piece by Nampeyo.


L. 3 ¾" : W.6 ⅛" : H. 8 ¼"

Sold #7341

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