Late 19th Century Chippewa Bandolier Bag Parts

The three pieces  of this bandolier bag include the fully loom beaded pocket with beaded tabs that terminate in wool pompoms and the two beaded panels with four beaded tabs each, which would have been joined at the top to make the strap for the bandolier bag. Each strap panel has a different design and is backed by a red stroud panel. The bag is backed with a long black wool panel, which extends above the pocket of the bag and to the sides, forming an open panel with a linear border of white beaded designs over red and green woven ribbons. The border extend across the top and down both sides of the bag to the tabs, as well as the space between the pocket of the bag and the open area above it. There is bead loss on the the straps, on several of the bag tabs, as well as some of the white linear designs. The beads in these pieces are very small.

Bag Section L. 18” to bottom of tabs; W. 10 ½”; Loomed Bag Panel 7 ½” x 7 ½”;  Strap Sections, L. 20”to the  end of tabs, W. 3”

Late 19th Century
Sold #8402

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