"The Last of His People" by Karl Moon

$ 1,225.00

American Photographer Karl (Carl) Moon, 1878-1948, began his adventures in the Southwest photographing and painting local Pueblo people in 1903 in his first studio located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Moon, in 1907, travels to the Grand Canyon headquarters of the Fred Harvey Company to begin working on a collection images(the Fred Harvey Collection of Southwest Indian Pictures) for the company and continued to work with them until 1914.

This platinum print, titled "The Last of His People" is from this series created during his time at Fred Harvey Co. The image portrays a young man sitting on a large rock that overlook large span of land, knees pulled in, head bowed. The image is adhered to a large sheet of paper that he as added the title and his mark to. Moon's signature is above the title, directly on the print. 

Many of Moon's photos, like this one, are artistic in nature, but Moon is also know for his photos that are a cultural study of Indigenous people's day-to-day lives in the Southwest. Many of those photos were displayed during his career in the American Museum and Natural History in New York. He also produced images for the Santa Fe Railroad, Stetson Hats, Seneca Coal Mining, Buffalo Bill Cody Wild West Show and others.

Sight L. 16 ½" : W. 13 ¾" , Frame L.26 ½" : W. 23 ½"


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