Walrus Stone Carving by Eddie Omnik

This warm-toned, polished walrus is perched on a rough rock perch. This fun sculpture is carved from a yellow, brown, and green soapstone by internationally known Inuit carver Eddie Omnik. Omnik is able to capture the humorous and yet, regal pose of a walrus in the wild. The walrus' tusks are caved from walrus ivory. The base of the carving is signed "Eddie Omnik".

Eddie Omnik began his life in Point Hope, Alaska. He is a part of the long tradition of carving amongst the Inuit Pac people. He began carving in the early 1960s at the age of 12, first being mentored by his father and then by other fellow carvers in the tribe. He carves bone, walrus ivory and soapstone.

L.3 ¾": W. 4 ⅜" H. 6 "

c. 1970s
Sold #7867

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