Nunivak Carved and Scrimshawed Ivory Walrus Attachment

The walrus is carefully carved and scrimshawed and is carved so that it lays flat on what ever surface it was intended to be attached to.  It has what is probably the walrus's backbone scrimshawed down the back as well as the structure of the front flippers extending from a large circle and dot on the backbone.  It has two wide connected slits in the underside to securely attach it to something, possibly a hunting visor.  The mouth and nostrils have red dye in them.  The right tusk was broken flush with the mouth when I obtained this piece and I had the tusk professionally restored by Rae Brown in Washington.  I will attach the only picture I have of the piece showing the missing tusk.

L. 4"

c. 1910
Sold #8011

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