Unusual Eskimo Circle and Dot What Is It

This is a great visual piece with every part of if scirmshawed with horizontal bands of circle and dot designs, some interspersed with solid scrimshawed half circles or dark circle and dot motifs. The piece does not have any pierced area for attachment. It is in the form of an elongated triangle which is flat on one side and rounded on the other side and grows thicker as it moves toward the narrowest area. It seems almost an exercise in design with no obvious function. Whatever it is, it is a fabulous piece of art.  It is on walrus ivory and is obviously old but whether it was carved in Alaska or Siberia is unknown. Regardless, it is a great piece. There is no history as it was picked up at some time in Portland by a woman who loved Indian and Eskimo art but was very eclectic in her taste.

L. 6 1/4"; W. at top 15/16"

 Early 20th C.
Sold #7677

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