Signed copy of "The New North" by Agnes Deans Cameron_Book

The full title of the book is "The New North Being Some Account of a Woman's Journey through Canada to the Arctic."   This is the hardcover 1912 edition published by D.Appleton and Company, New York.  It is in excellent condition.  It is signed by the author with a personal inscription to the recipient, dated May 30th 1912, just 15 days before the author died from Pneumonia.  Ms Cameron was a very strong, intelligent woman educator and journalist and an active suffragist.  She and her niece traveled over 10,000 miles in 1908 through the interior of Canada to the Arctic Circle and back and were the first white women to do so.  The book is illustrated with photographs she took on the voyage.  It was a gutsy adventure for a woman when she made the trip and her book is filled with accounts of the various people and cultures she encountered during the 6 months of travel.  The book is considered an important book, both because of the nature of the trip by a woman and feminist at the time and because of her observations of the social life of the indigenous peoples she met. 

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