Eskimo Carved Walrus Ivory Bear

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This is a fairly contented bear resting with his front paws stretched out, looking at you with a pleasant grin.  His body is covered with parallel rows of "hash marks" which cover his whole body.  He is mounted on a wooden stand and secured by a 1/4" peg which fits into one of two holes in the underside of his body which were used to secure him in his earlier life.  He originally was part of a very large hinged and folding ivory cribbage board. 30 1/2" long that he would have shared with a number of other fascinating critters and more.  Unfortunately, when I bought it, the board was apart with breaks and some of the critters and other parts missing so we could never bring the whole together again. I would have loved to have seen a picture of the piece before its demise.  

L. 4 ⅜" : W. 2 ⅛" : H. 2 ½"  (measurements include stand)

c. 1920
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