Late 19th C Hopi Food Bowl

This bowl was collected at Keams Canyon in 1906 by Phillip and Nannie Sayles who were Bureau of Indian Affairs employees at the Indian School between December 1905 and October 1906.  The bowl was used when it was collected and shows discoloration on the inside below the rim from use.  The bowl has a bifurcated design on the inside below a band in black with some orange on a cream background. There are four sets of three black rounds along the rim and a lug on the outside of the bowl.  The bowl has two cracks visible on the inside bottom of the bowl but not visible on the outside.  When you tap the bowl, the sound has the dull ring indicating a crack.  This is a beautiful piece of Hopi pottery and the kind of piece that will especially appeal to collectors who value pieces that were used rather than made for the tourist trade.  Also, it is unusual to have information about who collected a piece and where and when it was collected.

 D. 8 ¼", H. 2 ½"

c. 1880-1900
Sold #7698

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