Set of Three Transformation Mask Figures By Sandy Johnson

$ 2,600.00

This is a set of three Kwakwaka'wakw miniature carved dancers by the Kwakwaka'wakw carver, Sandy Johnson from Alert Bay on Vancouver Island. The masks that are danced here are the Hok Hok mask, the Crooked Beak mask, and the Raven mask, all masks from the Hamatsa Ceremonies. They are carved from red cedar, painted, and have fine red yarn to create the dyed red cedar bark strips worn on masks and dancers in the ceremonies. The masks of the larger figures are articulated and open by pulling a cord. The Raven mask does not open, it appears to have been glued shut. They were carved in 1995 and are signed and dated on the base.

Hok Hok Dancer H. 15" including stand; Crooked Beak Dancer H. 10 ¼" including stand; Raven Dancer 7 ¾" including stand.


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