Plateau Cornhusk Bag C. 1920

This is one of the rare Plateau cornhusk bags that has two “A” sides. One side may appeal to you more than the other, but the other side won’t disappoint you. The color choices by the woman who wove this piece of art are superb and as vibrant now as they were when she made the bag. She was both a true artist and a superior craftsman. The weaving is fine and even. The design of the six eight pointed stars on one side may indicate that the weaver of this fine bag was Nez Perce. The warp at the bottom is native hemp. The bag has a wild lining on the inside and a purple velvet edge around the top with some visible wear showing that it was used for several years before it was collected and had been carefully stored in a trunk when not in use.

L.12 ¼" : W. 11"

Sold #8086

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