Early Plateau Beaded Flat Bag

$ 2,200.00

This is a relatively rare Plateau bag in very good condition. This style of bag predates the contour beaded bags on the Plateau. The basic form of this type of bag has a rounded bottom and a modified tear drop shape. The design on this bag is a variation of the classic design seen on the early contour bags, a centrally focused design with additional elements radiating out from the center to the four corners, as well as to the sides and usually the top and bottom. This bag has a central star and beaded heart shaped designs going to the four corners. To the sides the bag has a multi-armed star with a circular center. There are somewhat random single thread stitches between the arms of the stars, something I have never seen before on Plateau bags. It is beaded on black cloth background, with a red ribbon tied on a corner on the back side of the bag. There are two holes in the top corners on the back side, through which the handle probably was attached. The bag is in remarkable condition given its age.  It has two moth holes on the front just below the red edging and a few beads are missing along the upper edge.  Because these bags are soft and made from cloth, they seldom survive, and if they do, they are usually ragged with substantial bead loss and often major moth damage. I feel very fortunate to have this piece to offer.

L. 11 ¾"; W. 9 ⅛"

c. 1880

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