Nez Perce Corn Husk Bag with Two Eight Point Stars

This is a very well made early cornhusk bag with fine and even weaving and a great deal of visual appeal. It is constructed entirely out of native materials and the colors in the designs are all in commercially dyed wool yarns. The color palette chosen by the weaver of this bag is more subdued than is usually found on bags from around 1900. Usually when you look inside a cornhusk bag, the colors of the wool are much more vibrant, sometimes dramatically so, indicating that the dyes on the outside have faded. The colors of the wool visible on the inside of this bag are true to those on the outside. The bag has had some slight moth damage on both sides but it is minimal and does not interfere with the visual appeal of this bag.

L. 13 ⅛" : W. at the bottom 10 ¼"

Sold #7705

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