Plateau Beaded Women's Leggings

$ 1,200.00

These striking 19th C leggings are probably either Nez Perce or Cayuse.  The beads in the three vertical panels are very tiny faceted beads in three colors of blue, white, pink and a pumpkin color.  The white beads which border the panels are larger and off white. The panels are bordered on three sides with green felt and at the bottom with a loose weave rust wool.  On one panel two of the fringes have been joined together and tied with a strand of trade beads ending with a small brass hawk bell.  The beading is in excellent condition but there is some moth damage to the green felt and rust colored wool.

Panel L. at top 13 3/4"; W. 7 3/4"; H. to top of leather 13" plus

c. Late 19th C.

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