Leekya Deyuse Fetish Necklace

This beautiful 3 strand Leekya Deyuse necklace features 33 hand-carved birds and bears of mother-of-pearl shell and red abalone shell, strung with 7 turquoise pieces and olive shell heishi with the traditional squaw wrap to finish off the necklace. The birds vary in form with finely carved wings.

Leekya Deyuse (1889-1966) is a renowned Zuni jeweler and fetish carver who's work is highly sought after. In the 1920s while selling pieces to C.G. Wallace, Deyuse began making tab, nugget, and disc bead necklaces, then fetishes and miniature sculptures. By the mid 1920s, some of his smaller fetishes were turned into fetish necklaces, whether through drilling holes or wrapping wire around the figures. His children and grand children have continued his legacy of carving and jewelry making. To learn more about Leekya Deyuse and the Leekya family, we recommend "Leekya: Master Carver of Zuni Pueblo" by Deborah Slaney.

Longest strand is 32", Mid strand is 30" Short strand is 28"


Sold #8505

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