Very Large Tlingit Rattle Top Basket

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This is an old, large and damaged barrel shaped Tlingit rattle top basket. It has a banded design of large black tipped triangles and has two small extensions on each side which may have been the base for a handle.  The basket has about a 6" horizontal break running irregularly along the bottom of the top middle band of design. The break has been expertly glued and at one time taped with paper as well. The break is not readily obvious unless you are looking for it or chance upon it, but it does not interfere with the visual impact of such a large basket. The rim has one ⅛" square notch and a somewhat ragged 1" long edge on the top of the rim. The lid has a 2" stain on the inside near the edge. This is a really fine basket for a collector who appreciates the age, size, shape, and patina this basket possesses.  

H. 11"; D. 11"

Sold #8200

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