Large Plateau Parfleche

This is an unusual parfleche with painted floral designs along both sides and a strong geometric design on the front face. The colors are a muted shade of red, green and yellow with blue outlining. The background on the top, back and along the sides was painted white.  It is highly unusual for Plateau parfleches to use floral designs in their composition. It is equally unusual for there to be designs along the sides of a parfleche. The parfleche had been used when it was collected. The only damage is the middle two holes on the edge have been cut away and new holes made behind them for the leather thongs.  For a picture of a Plateau parfleche with a floral design, please see Plate 117, pare 235 in Gaylord Torrence's book The American Indian Parfleche.

L. 24"; W. 13"

1st half 20th C
 Sold #8228

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