Greenland Inuit Model Kayak

$ 365.00

This is a very old and well crafted model kayak with attention paid to details. The skin used to cover the frame is dark and has a mottled pattern. The maker of this kayak has used tiny wooden pegs to attach pieces to the kayak. It has a thin 5" ivory band under the bow and stern which are attached by a number of tiny wooden pegs (the bow piece is missing about 1" on the back end). The tip of the bow has a tiny ivory circular band around it, which is attached with wooden pegs.  It has two harpoons with ivory foreshafts which are attached to the shaft with thin hide strips. It has ivory spacers used to separate hides strips which go across the top of the kayak to secure the harpoons and items in the rear of the kayak. There are some breaks in the hide strips and there is separation in the stitching of the hide along the top of the kayak. The kayak sits on an old simple stand. If you respond to really old objects, you will like this piece.

L. 21"


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