Indians On Horseback Watercolor

A dramatic watercolor painting of mounted Indians descending down a western draw in the subdued light of morning with the Rockies behind them shrouded in mist.  The leading mounted warrior caries a rifle cradled in his arms and rides a gray horse, possibly an appaloosa.  A second rider is seen a short distance behind him.  Other mounted Indians are visible behind them.  The painting is signed in the lower right but I can't be sure what all of the letters are.  The first initial is "F" and the last name starts with "Rou" but beyond that I am not sure.  It looks like "Rouboa..t".  Who ever the artist is, he was very accomplished.  The painting is a very strong piece reflecting the late 19th C west.

W. 21": H. 29 1/2"

c.  First half 20th C,
Sold #7553

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