Makah Composite Toggling Harpoon Head

L.7½" : W. ⅞" : H. 1⅛"

This is a good example of a 19th Century Makah toggling harpoon head with a section of the whale sinew lanyard.  This type of harpoon was used to harpoon whales or other large marine animals.  The harpoon itself is 4 1/2" long.  The two barbs are probably carved from elk antler but it is hard to tell because of the wrapping of cherry bark covered with spruce pitch over the body of the harpoon. This  would have had a clam shell or metal point in the opening in the front of the harpoon head. The lanyard or rope coming out of the rear of the harpoon is made up of three thick cords of twisted whale sinew covered with native cordage near the head and lighter colored commercial cordage on the remainder of the lanyard.  

c.  Mid 19th C.
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