Beautiful Fully Beaded Western Moccasins

I am not sure which tribe to assign these to. They are sinew-sewn, soft-soled moccasins. They are very colorful on the tops and the soles. The beads on the tops are tiny to very tiny and, with the exception of the white, are cut beads. The beads on the soles are somewhat larger and not cut. I see the cut beads on Nez Perce and Eastern Washington tribes in the Plateau and on Santee Sioux beads in the Eastern Plains but not often with other Plains tribes or Intermountain tribes, although I have had a 19th-century Crow mirror bag with cut beads.  What I do know about these is that they are old. They were collected around 1900 in the mid-west and were carefully taken care of.

L. 9"

Sold #8413

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