Framed Hand Colored Photograph of Two Guns White Calf

This is a large, rare colored photograph of Two Guns White Calf, the famous Blackfoot Chief who is believed to have been the model for the Indian head on the buffalo nickel.  In this photo, Chief Two Guns White Calf is dressed for a formal photograph and may be wearing and carrying objects that were provided by the photographer or possibly Glacier National Park. He is wearing a pierced Bear Warrior Society shirt with a narrow beaded band across the shoulders and has a large Blackfoot blanket strip on a blanket over his left shoulder. At the bottom of the mat is a cut out area with an aged rectangular label which says "Two-Gun White Calf, Blackfoot Indian Chief, Glacier National Park Montana.  I believe this was cut from the original mounting of this photograph when it was reframed as it is now. The photograph itself is glued to a board.  I have not been able to identify the photographer of this photo.  I have seen an image on the internet of a different photograph of Two Guns White Calf dressed as he is in this photograph, but the photographer was not identified.  This is a great photograph.

Photo W. 13"; L. 19 1/4"  Frame W. 21"; L. 26

c. 1920
Sold #7953

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