Folky Plateau Beaded Bag with Fringe

This bag makes me smile. If you look at the placement of the various design elements on the front side, they make a very goofy face with a big grin. I believe it was done intentionally. I bought this bag years ago as part of group of Plateau beaded material that had been passed down through the family of the woman who made this bag. The older man who I bought them from didn't know much about his family's history other than the beadwork came from his grandparents. His grandfather had been a cowboy in eastern Washington and his grandmother was an Indian woman and they lived in eastern Washington. The collection included several pairs of children's beaded gauntlets and other more traditional bags. And then there was this bag. She must have made it for one of their children.  A rare and whimsical piece of humor to tickle the fancy of her child.

L. 5 ¼" to fringe;  W. 3 ⅞"

Sold #8130

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