Exceptional Inuit Cribbage Board

$ 975.00

This is a skillfully carved piece of art.  It has 18 fully carved walrus heads with long tusks in three row of six heads each. One row down the center of the lower section of the board and one row along each side. The walrus heads are organized so three of the heads in each row face the other three heads. All of the walrus heads have inlaid eye and nostrils and scrimshawed whiskers. The front of the board has a large carved seal with inlaid eyes facing the walrus heads. The main counting holes are alongside the center row of walrus heads but the top of the seal is a miniature cribbage board with the requisite number of counting holes. There are two walrus heads with cracks and the seal has lost its flippers at the end of the board (see additional photos). Even with the missing flippers, this is a great piece of art. This is a piece that will give you great pleasure every time you look at it.

L. 13"


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