Double Sided Plateau Beaded Flat Bag

This is a bag with two different personalities. On one side is a dynamic geometric pattern with great colors and extensive details.  On the opposite, side the panel is more subdued with a large floral bouquet in more muted dark colors. It is bound with leather at the top and the sides of each panel are bound by rolled beading. The inside lining of the geometric panel is from a flour sack and the other panel has a cloth with a dark floral pattern. The panels may have been made at different times and joined together in the 30's. The beads on the geometric design are very tine 19th century cut beads and the beads on the floral design are typical 1930's large faceted clear beads.  Whatever the history, this is a wonderful bag.

L. 10"; W. 9"

Sold #8281

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