Children's Wool Felt Teepee With Painted Figures

$ 350.00

This is a commercially made small teepee stenciled with figures of Indians, horses and buffalo as well as circles in rust brown, light red and green, in imitation of 19th Century Indian painting on buffalo robes and teepees.  The teepee and all of the lacing is made from wool felt.  In one place at the bottom is a rectangular stamp with three lines of text, only the top line is legible, although barely.  I believe it says "Pat applied for".  I think this were made to sell in the market for Skookum Dolls which was hot during that period.  This teepee and a second identical one came out of a very old collection with a lot of items from the 19th C and early 20th C.  We set up the pictures using commercial dowels from the hardware store.  The Teepee does not come with the dowels.


H. 28"; D. 31"


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