Carved Walrus Ivory Russian Cross on Ivory Base

This is an unusual Russian cross carved from fossilized walrus ivory with a fossilized ivory base. The cross is made from a center piece and two separately made arms which are attached to it. All the pieces are carved on a lathe but because of the simplicity of the cross and the form of the base, I believe it was made by an Eskimo. The base of the cross has a peg which fits into a hole in the center of the base. The peg may have shrunk over time as the cross will wobble in the base. It will fit more snugly in the base if the peg is wrapped with tape. It is a highly unusual piece and reflects Alaska's Russian history.

H. of cross, including peg 7 ⅝"; H. including base 8 ⅛"

Sold #8102

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