Carved Ivory Model of 19th C Whale Boat

This model is exceptionally carved from walrus ivory and is narrow and pointed on both ends. It has 5 seats which are separately carved and attached as well as separate covers over the bow and stern with the tiller carved in relief on the stern plate. The bow cover has an attached carved ivory basket for the rope and another piece, which I am not sure what its function was. It has separately carved pieces as follows: two shorter oars with attached oar locks, two longer oars and a single longer steering oar, two ivory harpoons and blubber flensing tool, two life savers, two spare harpoon heads and a pin. It is missing the rudder and mast and has glue on the floor near the bow indicating something is missing there and a broken ivory shaft on the floor in the stern. It is a beautiful model nevertheless.

L. 7 ¾"; W. 1 ⅝"

c. 20th C
Sold #7983

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