Canadian Salish Imbricated Lidded Basket

$ 0.00

This is a zany, one of a kind basket! It is fully imbricated with rectangles in red, green, and natural bear grass covering the body and concentric bands of red, green, and natural imbrication covering the lid. It has a hinging system on the lid that is quite unique. The basket maker has used yarn covering about 4 ½'' on the lid and rim of the basket to make the hinge so the lid could be opened and closed. The lid is tied down in the front with two lengths of red yarn. Unfortunately, the lid should be opened carefully as the basket has swelled enough over time to create a risk of shredding and breaking the yarn if one opens the lid. If one enjoys owning unusual and visually interesting baskets, this is a piece to seriously consider.

H. 3"; L. 7 ¾"; W. 5"


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