Blackfoot Fancy Beaded Men's Leggings

These are a pair of highly visual Blackfoot leggings on blue wool trade cloth with yellow and black designs on a white background with red stroud panels in the middle with beaded.  crosses.  Spaced along the outer edge of the edwork on the front are small red stroud circles attached with long hide cords.The panels are made with horizontal beaded strips along the top and bottom and vertical strips in the middle set apart to create the red strips.  The outer edge of the leggings along the beaded panels have been cut as a wide fringe and their outer edge with rickrack like edges.  There is some wool damage to the blue stroud as well as some tears that appear to have native repairs.  A great pair of leggings

L. 28 ½" : W. 11 ½"; beaded panels L. 14", W. 8 3/4"

c. 1910
Sold #7616

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