Philippines Silver Inlay Betel Nut Box

$ 550.00

This is a fine example of an early 20th C rectangular bronze betal nut box with beautiful and elaborate silver inlay from Mindanao in the Philippines.  The box has a handle on each side and has four compartments inside with silver inlaid lids to hold the four ingredients necessary for the betal nut chew, the areca nut, betel piper vine leaves, lime and tobacco leafs.  These boxes come from the Maranaw, an Islamic people living in Mindanao. The box is in excellent condition with some silver loss on the front face of the lid and on two of the small compartment lids inside.  The box is in the condition it was in when collected and has not been cleaned.  Some collectors prefer pieces such as this in their original condition and some want to appreciate the beauty of the silver inlay when it it polished and shines.  I will leave that up to the buyer.

L.6" : W. 3 : H. 3"

c.  Early 20th C

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