Great Old Blackfeet Vest

This is a very large dramatic vest with lots of bells & whistles. The two front beaded panels have a design of large outlined rectangles in green and pink within a black border, with a diamond at the top with cut metal beads on a white beaded field. The back is black wool trade cloth with the white selvage acting as a border along the bottom edge.  Running down the length of the back are rows of clear bead rosettes with a line of tiny sequins snaking in and out among the rosettes (many of the sequins are missing).  Along the bottom edge of the front and back of the vest is about a 2" band of the black wool cut in a zigzag pattern.  Attached to this black wool border and spaced about 1 ½" apart is a leather loop with four brass beads, with their two ends hanging down 4" to 5" as a fringe.  Some are missing.  All of the beads are very small. It doesn't get much better than this!!

L. 21"; W. 18"

Sold #8515

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