Tlingit Beaded Octopus Bag

$ 3,500.00

This is a piece for someone who truely appreciates really old and unusual Native art.  The designs on both sides are complicated and exuberant with a wide mixture of forms and color of beads.  It is a cloth bag made with thin red trade cloth which has darkened over time, probably from smoke and use.  The beads in the design are exceptionly tiny. The design has bead loss on both faces but it does not distract from the impact the bag makes when you look at it. The larger white beads that are along the edges of the entire bead look to me that they are from a more recent restoration.  This is a great really old bag.  

L. 15 1/2"; W. at top 7 1/2"; W. at bottom 11 1/4"


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