Cheyenne Beaded Moccasins

This is a stunning pair of 19th C. sinew sewn Cheyenne fully beaded moccasins. The leather around the ankle is yellow stained. The beads are exceptionally small and many of the green and light blue beads are faceted. The moccasins have some problems which are visible in the photos.  The heals on the outside of both moccasins have split from the rawhide soles leaving a narrow gap of 1 3/4" long between the rawhide sole and the beadwork, as if someone who's feet were too big tried to wear them.  In addition, the inside bottom of the right moccasin in the area next to the heel is stiff, probably from water. These are absolutely beautiful moccasins and the condition problems are fully recognized in the reasonable price.

L. 10 ½"

c. 1880

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