Beaded Cradleboard

This is a small Plateau cradleboard doll from either Warm Springs in Oregon or the Yakima Nation in Washington.  This style of cradleboard was used in the Western Plateau region while the cradleboards from Eastern Washington and Nez Perce typically had a beaded backboard. This doll's covering is black velvet  trimmed with faded mauve colored velvet. The doll has a beaded floral design going up on both sides of the center.  The doll has a leather face with thin black wool embroidered eyes, eyebrows, mouth and nose and has two strands of larger beads around its neck.  The doll is in excellent condition

L. 2⅛" : W. 2 ½" : H. 10"

c. 1910
Sold #7504

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