1880's Ojibwe Bandolier Bag

An 1880's Ojibwe bandolier bag with a loom beaded strap and panel with a spot stitched panel between them. The loom beaded panel and straps all have white beaded backgrounds. The bag'c panel has an abstract floral design in an "X" pattern and the two panels of the strap each have different designs, both elements more commonly seen on Ojibwe bags. The straps, which are outlined in green binding, are attached to a panel of dark blue wool trade cloth which extends the length or the two panels and forms the background for the upper floral beadwork. This panel has been eaten in several places by moths as can be seen in the photographs. The loom beaded panel is sewn to a separate panel of dark blue trade cloth which extends out beyond the beaded panel on the two sides and top and has red binding tape with beadwork on these three sides with an outer binding of black which extends up the side of both beaded panels and across the top. The bag has thirteen loom beaded drops with wool tufts at the bottom. This bandolier bag is in really good condition, given its age.

L. 34 1/2"; Panel L. 9"; W. 11

c.  1880
Sold #7643

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