Athabaskan Beaded Moccasins

L.11 ½"

A beautiful pair of beaded square toed Athabaskan moccasins with colorful seed bead designs.  The moccasins are beaded with a star on the small black wool vamp and two tulip like design on the underside of the black tongue as well as beaded designs on the black cuff.  The moccasins and the cuff are edged in blue velvet, which has lost much of its nap around the ankle area. The beadwork is thread sewn.  The beads used in these moccasins include cranberry red cornaline d'Aleppo, yellow, blue-green,light blue, baby blue, a mauve blue, black, clear purplish and opalescent glass beads and faceted brass and steel beads.  The moccasins are in excellent condition.   

c. 1900
Sold #7236

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