Lidded Early 20th C American Coiled Craft Basket

$ 100.00

This is a finely coiled single rod craft basket made by someone who probably learned from one of the numerous books published around the early 20th century instructing one on how to make Indian baskets. The coiling material is probably raffia. It is globular in shape with a domed lid with a knob on it. The major design element  is four oriental lantern shaped forms around the body.  What makes this basket so unusual is the weaver has embroidered different designs on each one of these and has embroidered small leaf like forms on the lid and down from the rim on the body. It is a wonderful piece of artistry and creativity. There are a couple of stains on the lid and one on the bottom and a wax dripping one of the lantern forms. Even with these, it is a wonderful example of this art form.

H. 6 ½"; D. 9 ¼"


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